Chef’s Specials-

Daily House Made Soup

cup 6.00-/bowl 7.50-


Porterhouse Pork Steak

fire grilled 12-ounce pork steak, fennel apple butter, sweetcorn fritters   22.75

Butternut Squash Orecchiette Pasta

brown butter, crispy sage, harvest squash, shallots, toasted walnuts, parmesan, ricotta   18.00

French Dip “Brisket” Sandwich

slow braised beef brisket, melted white cheddar, caramelized onion, horseradish mayo, au ju   14.50

Scout Trail Shake

for those 21yrs. peppermint schnapps, chocolate liqueur, chocolate chips, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream    11.75


*Specials are served in addition to our regular menu offerings





Celebrate the flavors of fall!

Now featuring, Smith Teas, Nitro Chai Tea on draft, lightly sweetened masala chai with tiny nitrogen bubbles


Upcoming Events at Jimmy’s on Broadway

Fall gift card promotion is here!  Purchase a $50.00 gift card and receive an additional $10.00 gift certificate!

Holiday Season is just around the corner.  Online reservations available now.

Seahawk Game Day! Our bar is the perfect place to cheer on the hawks!  Enjoy our game day grub and cocktails.


 Everybody Loves Weekend Brunch at Jimmy’s on Broadway 9am – 3pm

go ahead and sleep in on the weekend!  You can still grab brunch at

Jimmy’s until 3pm.

Chef’s weekend hash   14.25


Planning a special celebration, holiday party, or company meeting?  Jimmy’s has event space in the Silver Cloud Hotel, featuring outstanding service, food and beverage.  Contact our event manager’s for additional information, 206.325.1400.